The French Witch Prospect: Marianne on Netflix


Witch movies rarely do it for me. I liked The VVitch as a murky, Hawthorne-inspired period piece, but in contrast with its hype as one of the scariest and best horror flicks of the new millennium, I found the whole affair rather predictable, if not downright arduous, and patently un-spooky (apart from Black Philip’s metamorphosis, which was bitchin’).

I’d say there have been at least 20 found-footage flicks since Blair Witch that were both better and freakier (Hell House LLC, Rec and V/H/S/2, for starters). And I thought the biggest mistake of the Insidious series (which could have been great!) was abandoning the Darth Maul Demon narrative in favor of that tired old bag who had it in for Patrick Wilson.

My excuse is that I find the paranormal (ghoulies, ghosts and witches) wholly implausible. This makes it unrelatable, and therefore psychologically ineffective. I’m not saying this is completely logical, but I mention it as it seems to be a predicament I share with at least a few other horror fans. 

Which is why I think it’s worth mentioning in presenting Marianne, a very standard (i.e., witchy) witch story that I just happened to swallow hook, line and sinker stick, knob and straw.


GRADE: B+ / A-

One thought on “The French Witch Prospect: Marianne on Netflix

  1. Torchlight

    Damn signing in page made me lose my bloody post…………oh hey you’re back, welcome back Sam sorry about my slight technical hitch at this end.

    What a pleasant surprise when you popped up in my inbox this morning.

    Hoping that you are good and that the plague passed over the doors of you and your loved ones.

    I was one of the fan boys of the VVitch, maybe I need to go back and rewatch it. ‘Marianne’ from 2011, I might try and give it a watch this weekend.

    I’m watching ‘The Mortuary Collection’ at the moment a so far amusing anthology with a lot of work put into the premise of the storyteller. Always loved me those horror shorts since Cat’s Eyes and the Twilight Zone S1 Ep8 ‘Time Enough At Last’ something about them that tickles that spot in just the right way. It fascinated me that you got the whole shebang in such a short amount of time.

    Recent off the mainstream movie was ‘Faults’ from 2014, a pyschologically horror (it just about gets in the genre) about mind control and religious cults. It asked some really tricky questions of this viewer for sure.

    Anyway if this reads a bit crap its cause I’m trying to remember what I had going on first time.

    Don’t leave it three years this time the blog-o-sphere hangs on your recommendations 🙂


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