Streaming Bleak This Week, #3: We Are Still Here on Netflix Instant

we are still here barbara crampton

If you’re in the mood for a low budget haunting-possession flick that doesn’t suffer from said low budget, Ted Gheoghegan’s We Are Still Here is one of the better recent additions to the Netflix canon. It’s also phenomenally cast, with scream queen Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, From Beyond) and Andrew Sensenig (the weird fucker from Upstream Color) playing a husband and wife who’ve relocated to a rural fixer-upper to start fresh after a family tragedy.

we are still here cast featuring Andrew Sensing, Lisa Marie, Larry Fessenden, Barbara Crampton

Marie, Fessenden, Sensenig and Crampton (L to R): a hellishly haunted reunion of b-horror behemoths

Then there’s Lisa Marie as a psychic, hippie friend who comes to visit the couple with her Dude Lebowski-esque husband (Larry Fessenden from Jugfacereuniting with Crampton after he played the sleazy college professor in You’re Next). Add in a creepy local priest and several bumps in the frigid New England night, and a very enjoyable homage to ’70s and ’80s horror ensues. This flick also gets major bonus points for going more the route of old-school special effects in situations where bigger budget films would have lazily turned to CGI.

IMBb: 5.7

-Sam Adams


3 thoughts on “Streaming Bleak This Week, #3: We Are Still Here on Netflix Instant

  1. Torchlight

    Hey there Meester Sam, please find space in your 100 films in a hundred months for ‘The Fields’.

    Providing faultless performances from both Joshua Ormond and Cloris Leachman. It ticks boxes for your ASRM list or the bleak list.

    Long shots of skies and clouds, check. Environment used as an extra they might as well have stuck it on the credits, check. Boondock village in the state of asshole back of beyond, check. Slower burning than a water soaked chipmunk, check. Brooding long pan shots of wind blown plants, check. Ambigious meaning less finale, check.

    You’ll wallow in this shit Mr A like a pig having a last mud bath before the abattoir truck arrives. Not exactly horror, not exactly misery, but a good ‘un none the less.


  2. torchlight

    ….and further to earlier comments, another Golden arrow in the bag of goodliness.

    We Are Still Here reminded me of all the cheap horror movies from the good old days of VHS and my teenage youth in a really good way. A heavy nod to Ti West, Clive Barker and 80’s horror. A crackling performance from the Lebowski dude, riffing heavily from Nicholson in The Shining. It is a joyride of fun, pure popcorn, but in a really thoughtful and well written way. A nice surprise for sure.

    Good work Sam the wise, another knocked outta the park.


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